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Price vs Value

Sometime ago, I walked into  a mall to purchase an earphone. I got one I loved at a price I felt was worth it. I left the mall excited at the deal even more so delighted as I cruised my earphones. Unfortunately, after a couple of days, I lost the earphones and needed to replace them. This time I’m at another end of town, the ever-busy Computer Village in Lagos, Nigeria. I found the exact same earphones for less than

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Faith vs Fear

Let me share an experience I had one time. I boarded a BRT bus from Obalende (Lagos, Nigeria) heading to the Mainland. A few minutes after we ascended Third mainland bridge (one of three bridges linking Lagos islands and mainland), the bus’ engine began to overheat. Apparently the driver didn’t check the water levels before setting out. What surprised me though was the reaction of some passengers fueled by fear. Some people requested that the doors be opened so they

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Involved or Committed

I once heard a story about a chicken and a pig going to a church prayer breakfast where bacon and eggs were to be served. The chicken was asked to provide the eggs while the pig was to provide bacon. The pig said, “Miss Chicken, you’re certainly involved, but I’m committed!” Yes! The chicken is involved as it provides the eggs and goes on living but the pig has to die for the bacon to be produced. That is commitment.

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About Me

I am an unrepentant God-lover, with a mandate to raise men to realise their potential in God. I am passionate about self-development, leadership, and entrepreneurship. I am Joshua Ekeh. I Create, I Inspire, I Lead.

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