Price vs Value

Sometime ago, I walked into  a mall to purchase an earphone. I got one I loved at a price I felt was worth it. I left the mall excited at the deal even more so delighted as I cruised my earphones. Unfortunately, after a couple of days, I lost the earphones and needed to replace them. This time I’m at another end of town, the ever-busy Computer Village in Lagos, Nigeria. I found the exact same earphones for less than half the price I  had initially bought them. Then it struck me that price is simply a tag and may not represent equal value.

Often times we tend to think that price and value are directly proportional, hence, we expect that the higher the price of a thing, the higher the value. Many times, however, this is not the case. I have seen instances where a product with  a high price tag doesn’t return a commiserate value. On the other hand, I’ve also seen where an item of low price has a value esteemed beyond the price.

How often do we place price/value tags on people, opportunities, things and so on? The temptation is to prioritise those that cost us more over the ‘cheaper’ ones (or those that are readily available). By  so doing, we miss out on the opportunities that come on a “platter”. People you had easy access to but because you couldn’t recognise the value in them or because it didn’t cost you anything to get access to them, you take them for granted and miss out on potential. To get the best out of life, we must learn to recognise value, not for the price tag but for its potential. We must be able to see beyond the price labels.

Learn to appreciate the value of the people, opportunities and things you have. I have outlined some ways to help you recognise value below.

  • Be thankful for everything you have. The attitude of gratitude opens up the mind to focus on the value of the things you have. It’s all about  perspective. You are compelled to see things from the point of how they make your life better in any way at all. No wonder the great Apostle, Paul admonishes us to give thanks in all things. (1 Thes 5:18).
  • Focus on the Positive. Drawing from the energy of gratitude, learn to see things positively. No matter how bad someone might be, there is at least something good about that person. Focus on that and try as much as possible to interact in the zone  of that good attribute while you seek to influence the person more.
  • Believe the best in people. This is one sure way of seeing the best of people because we tend to be our best around people that believe in us.
  • Be intentional. It sure takes a lot of effort to recognise value in people. Therefore, we must be intentional about it.

Finally, I must state that everyone cannot have equal value in your life. There are opportunities you would have to let go. There are relationships that you have to walk away from. The goal is to be more value intelligent and recognise diamonds in ore.

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