Faith vs Fear

Let me share an experience I had one time. I boarded a BRT bus from Obalende (Lagos, Nigeria) heading to the Mainland. A few minutes after we ascended Third mainland bridge (one of three bridges linking Lagos islands and mainland), the bus’ engine began to overheat. Apparently the driver didn’t check the water levels before setting out.

What surprised me though was the reaction of some passengers fueled by fear. Some people requested that the doors be opened so they can exit the bus in the middle of the bridge amidst fast speeding vehicles. I was bewildered when I learnt a woman, likely in her 40s, broke into tears. I just wonder what she had imagined.

If faith is a powerful force that propels the actualisation of dreams, fear is the force that kills dreams and visions. While faith propels action towards goals, fear cripples any likelihood of an action towards a worthwile goal.

Faith is not the absence of fear but ‘doing it’ inspite of fear. I have realised that successful people have fears but choose to take action regardless.

Another antidote for fear is knowledge. In the story I shared, a number of us were unperturbed by what happpened simply because we understood what was wrong and the risks involved. By all means acquire knowledge. Learn from your experiences and from the experiences of others.

… Some minutes later the bus was up and running again. By this time though, the fear-gripped and impatient passengers had sought out other alternatives. Oh how fear makes us quit too soon!

Whenever you are confronted with fear, choose the path of faith – it’s lying somewhere around.

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