Involved or Committed

I once heard a story about a chicken and a pig going to a church prayer breakfast where bacon and eggs were to be served. The chicken was asked to provide the eggs while the pig was to provide bacon. The pig said,

“Miss Chicken, you’re certainly involved, but I’m committed!”

Yes! The chicken is involved as it provides the eggs and goes on living but the pig has to die for the bacon to be produced. That is commitment. That is leadership.
A leader is committed. He carries out his responsibilities like his life depends on it, because really his life depends on it.

Don’t just be involved, be committed.

Stay blessed!

Let me go get me some bacon and eggs

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I am an unrepentant God-lover, with a mandate to raise men to realise their potential in God. I am passionate about self-development, leadership, and entrepreneurship. I am Joshua Ekeh. I Create, I Inspire, I Lead.

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